Custom Meal Plans


We take the guess work out of how to plan your pet’s meal. Meal plans are created with your pet’s requirements and your local resources in mind.


Shopping for your pet’s diet is simple. We provide you with the instructions on what to feed and you buy the necessary ingredients.


Meal prepping instructions are provided to guide you on meal creation. Assembling meals can be done daily or multiple meals can be prepared at once.


Once meal(s) are prepared, all that is left to do is feed your pet and watch them enjoy the food they were designed to eat.


Custom raw feeding meal plans are designed to use local resources. We collaborate with you to make a detailed list of available items in your local area which is used to create a diet suitable for your pet, budget, and lifestyle. Additionally, we consult you on ways to further increase resource availability and methods to help keep cost to a minimum.


Whether you have a dog, cat, or a ferret – we can create a raw diet suitable for your furry companion. We create a pet profile on the species, age, weight, activity level, and any health conditions present to formulate the best diet possible for their individual requirements. Your pet’s profile and diet information is then provided to you to prepare meals to feed your pet.


Each custom raw feeding meal plan comes with the necessary information and instructions to help you prepare your pet’s species appropriate diet.

Printed Feeding Guides

We send you printed raw feeding guides for muscle meat, raw meaty bones, and organs. All guides are 5×7 postcards, in full color, with photographs of items to visually aid in your raw feeding journey.

Meal Rotation & Plans

You are given a meal rotation guide and plans to feed your pet. The meal rotation guide provides instructions on when to feed certain items. The meal plans are instructions on preparing individual meals.

Shopping List

We provide you with a list on what items need to be purchased in order to prepare your pet’s raw meals. The amount for each ingredient is provided as well as how long each item will last in the meal rotation.

Prepping Instructions

Each custom raw feeding meal plan comes with prepping instructions to prepare your pet’s meals, best practices on how to maintain a clean workspace, and food handling safety tips.

Have a dog?

Perfectly Rawsome & CatCentric Partnership

A partnership created with a focus to provide pet parents the detailed attention they deserve.

Perfectly Rawsome is an expert in all things canine, whether it is behavior or nutrition. All Custom Meal Plan services for dogs are created by Perfectly Rawsome with the same attention to detail and quality service promised by CatCentric. 

Canine Specific Expertise

The Perfectly Rawsome and CatCentric partnership allows each Raw Feeding Coach to focus on their species of expertise.

Quality Dog Content & Resources

Perfectly Rawsome provides a wide variety of science based behavior and nutrition articles to help pet parents provide the best for their canine friend.