Consulting Services

Homemade Diet / Nutrition Audit

An in-depth review of your homemade diet to ensure it is balanced per the prey model raw guidelines. Can also audit and adjust to provide support if your kitty has special dietary needs, such as a lowered phosphorus intake for cats with advanced kidney disease.

$100 for 60 minute telephonic or video discussion and includes one 30 minute follow up call and one month of email support.

Wellness and Lifestyle Consults

A careful review of your cats’ home environment, including housemates, litter box setups, playtime routines and location and number of scratching posts, hiding spaces, and safety perches to identify possible stressors as well as areas of improvement. This consult can be used when you are preparing to make changes to the household (such as a new baby or pet), or simply to ensure your cats have everything they need to be their happiest and healthiest.

$100 in-home or $75 video and includes a 30 minute follow up call and one month of email support.

Behavior Consults

These consultations cover behavior issues such as biting, fighting, scratching, litter box problems, anxiety issues, etc. While some of these issues can be understood and helped via video calls and recordings, many are best managed with on-site visits, and the video option is at my discretion. If you are too far away for an onsite consult and I deem your cat’s behavior issue too complex for video, I will help you find a feline behaviorist in your area.

$200 in-home; $150 video and includes two 30 minute follow up calls and two months of email support.

Cat 101 Consult

One 30 minute call to discuss general cat nutrition, care, and behavior topics. This consult is not meant to diagnose or correct an ongoing problem, but to help you better understand your cat’s nutritional, social and environment needs, and to clarify if something you may be concerned about requires further attention. If, during this discussion, you decide a full behavior consult is needed, the cost will be credited towards that consult.


The Consultation Process

  1. Fill out the form below to request your consult.
  2. I will contact you within two business days to schedule our initial meeting. I will also email you a detailed questionnaire that you’ll need to complete and return at least two days prior to your appointment. A deposit to hold your appointment will be requested at this time, as well.
  3. During our initial meeting, I will conduct a complete nutritional, environmental and/or behavioral evaluation, which may include a review of your cats’ veterinarian records. I will provide immediate feedback and we will create a customized nutritional, environmental and/or behavioral modification plan, as applicable (yes, you will have homework! 🙂 ). This meeting will be followed up by a detailed written summary of everything discussed during the assessment, my recommendations, and your customized modification plan. Full payment is due at this time.
    Please note: I will work closely with you to ensure that your customized modification plan is feasible and that behavioral improvements are seen, but it is important to acknowledge that you and your entire family may need to commit to the plan if true progress is to be made. Nutrition, Wellness and Behavior consults come with follow up phone calls and a period of unlimited email support – I encourage you to use these! We can review your progress and make changes as necessary to ensure success for you and your kitty.
  4. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give 48 hours’ notice. Deposits are nonrefundable, but can be applied to an appointment rescheduled within three months of the original date.