Tracy has adored cats since she was a toddler and worked heavily in the rescue field for several decades. Born in Massachusetts as the oldest of seven siblings, she joined the U.S. Army immediately after high school and served in New Jersey, Germany, Massachusetts and Alaska. After an honorable discharge, she lived in Mississippi for about a decade, then returned to her home state, where she currently resides. Throughout all her travels, she partnered with local rescues and shelters, rescuing, fostering and socializing cats, as well as dogs, birds, rats, rabbits and reptiles.

Today, she is a writer and feline behavior coach, specializing in nutrition and feeding a species-appropriate diet. She has worked successfully with hundreds of cat owners covering a wide range of nutrition and behavior situations. Tracy is dedicated to improving feline health and welfare through owner outreach and education, and passionate about strengthening the owner / animal bond through increased understanding of natural feline behaviors and needs. She spends a great deal of her time in advocacy and education efforts through her philanthropic website, CatCentric.org.

Tracy is a member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and the Animal Behavior Society, as well as a professional member of the Pet Professionals Guild and the Cat Writers’ Association. A past editor of Raw Instincts Magazine, she’s also had articles published by the Feline Nutrition Education Society, the American Council for Animal Naturopathy, and the online magazines Raw Instincts and Catnip Chronicles. Tracy’s articles are regularly featured in the quarterly magazines Raw Pet Digest and Healthful Dog: Canine Health Via Nutrition, based out of the U.S. and the U.K., respectively, and she won Healthful Dog’s 2016 “Best Pet Food” article award.

Passionate about helping owners understand feline nutritional, environmental and social needs,
and dedicated to a world of happier, healthier kitties!

Tracy Dion in the Media